“It’s time to rethink our relationship with the world around us without being enslaved by any confinement”

In Saó we have prepared to make this maxim a reality. That’s why this summer we want your stay with us to maintain a balance between security and the possibility of enjoying a space and environment adapted to your needs, and we will open the hotel exclusively for groups and families.

We want to welcome you, distract you from the anxiety and make you share the magic of the reunion with nature and with the forgotten hugs in front of our fireplace, and at the same time make you enjoy an environment and a service allowing you to relax and make yourself feel like time is running out between us.

We have put a lot of effort into preserving the essence of a three-hundred-year-old building that, after going through different uses over time, has been enabled to be transformed into a small hotel with five comfortable rooms and with all the services required in the 21st century.

The interior decoration aims to be simple, detailed and elegant. It incorporates contemporary elements that want to achieve a balance between the traditional way of building high mountains – basically using stone and native wood – and styles typical of our times.

In Saó we are aware of the importance of sustainability and the environment, which is why we take special care in the generation of minimal waste and its treatment. However, the main source of energy for heating and hot water generation is a state-of-the-art biomass boiler, as well as two fireplaces with a heat utilization system.

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The property, located on the right bank of the village of Bescaran (1,350 m) has 1.2 hectares, most of which are meadow of natural grass, which is kept fresh and renovated thanks to the horses and cows that graze there.


The main building in a privileged place, oriented mainly to the south and west.

We have made a great effort to preserve the essence of an old building of more than three hundred years which, after having experienced different uses over time, we have been able to accommodate a small hotel with five comfortable rooms and all services that are required in the 21st century. The interior decoration is simple, detailed and elegant, with obvious contemporary touches that achieve the fragile balance between the traditional way of building in the high mountains, basically using native stone and wood, and the materials and styles of our time.


It was formerly used to thresh wheat to separate the grain, which was stored, from the straw that would be used to feed the cattle. They were also confined to be able to attend to their marking and healing work.

Preserving the stone pavement, today is a large terrace where you can enjoy the calm and the landscape with a snack.


It is dedicated to a recreation and rest area for residents where you can sunbathe comfortably. We host a garden with flowers, aromatic plants, fruits and native trees that provide us with a pleasant shade.

Discreetly installed, we find the relaxation of the SPA hot tub with shower and house to change clothes.

It is connected by an external staircase from the main courtyard and with access on level ground from the entrance accessible by vehicle to the estate.


The abundant irrigation water that springs from the Bescaran springs keeps the garden space moist. A variety of products characteristic of mountain gardens are grown there. Purely organic cultivation. The consumer will experience the ancestral taste of vegetables that, in the past, were only available to farmers who grew them for family consumption.

It is also largely dedicated to a recreation and rest area for guests, with flowers, herbs and fruit trees. It is connected by an external staircase to the main courtyard and has access on level ground from the entrance to the property, accessible by vehicle.


This is the name of the best-located meadow in the town, due to its orientation to the south, its size and the abundant water that reaches it.

The meadow is presided over by a century-old pear tree, considered one of the oldest in Catalonia. It gives shade and raser to a magnificent pine table where you can make meals for up to twenty people (prior reservation).

On the banks of the meadow we can harvest walnuts and hazelnuts, raspberries and some carrion.

At the foot of the Closa, SAÓ has a private car park to locate vehicles.

It is very nice to walk where your pet can run freely.